Incredible Ways To Integrate Twitter Feeds On Your Website

Twitter is trending! Yes, you all must know that. A social media platform that is just impossible for you to ignore. All the major brands, personalities, celebrities, agencies, governments, institutions, etc. have an active Twitter account which they maintain regularly to keep in touch with their fans and followers.
Incredible Ways To Integrate Twitter Feeds On Your Website
Incredible Ways To Integrate Twitter Feeds On Your Website

Twitter is not just any social media platform for networking purposes. It is the hen that gives golden eggs in many forms. Many marketers have realized this immense significance of Twitter in promoting their brands and growing their businesses to great heights. They have been using Twitter to market their businesses while expanding their horizons of the target audience and hiked sales and revenue for their business.

Not just the platform itself, Twitter is useful beyond that. One such way is by integrating Twitter with your website. You could either embed it or share a snap of your Twitter profile or give a share or follow the link to your Twitter profile on your website. There are many ways of accomplishing the above-stated goal. 

This article aims to discuss all such ways possible through which you could integrate your Twitter profile with your website and reap the benefits of both your Twitter presence and website presence.

Come, let’s get started!

1.    Twitter Embedding Functionality

Twitter is a multi-functional social media platform. It comes with many amazing features that you might not be even aware of until told. One such amazing feature is the Twitter embedding functionality. It enables you to fetch Twitter content and displays it as a part of your website content. 

All you need to do is just go to the tweet you want to embed, right-click on it, and click on the embed Tweet. Another window will open. From there, copy the embed code. Now, open the backend of the webpage where you want to embed the tweet and paste it over there. That’s it! Yes, it is that easy. This way you can easily embed Twitter feed on your website.

You could also embed an entire timeline of your own Twitter profile or a public Twitter profile using this functionality. It is similar to embedding a single tweet on your website. 

2.                Third-Party Tool For Embedding Twitter Wall

One another amazing yet really simple way of integrating Twitter with your website is by embedding a fully customized Twitter Wall on your website using a third-party tool. There are multiple social media tools available in the market that let you create and embed Twitter Walls on your website. 

These Twitter Walls aggregate real-time tweets from the platform using channels like hashtags, handles, mentions, lists, favorites, etc. Twitter Walls comes with amazing features like beautiful customizable themes and layout designs, banners, powerful moderation, robust analytics, custom posts, content play, and so many more. Some Twitter Wall tools even allow you to mix your Instagram and other social media content along with the Twitter-fetched content and display it all together on your website. 

Creating a Twitter Wall is really simple and embedding it on your website is even simpler. All you need to do is create a Twitter Wall by choosing Twitter as your feed sources and specifying the medium of aggregation. Once Twitter Wall is actively created, just generate the embed code from the third-party tool, copy it, and paste it at the backend of the web page where you wish to embed the Twitter Wall. That’s it! You will have a real-time Twitter Feed Wall running on your website.

3.                Share Screenshots Of Twitter Testimonials

This may be termed as an immature way but it is simple and it works. You must very well know how to take screenshots. Well, then you’re sorted. All you need to do is develop your Twitter profile as a page where customers actively leave their feedback and testimonials of their experience with your products and services. 

Once you have collected this wealth of user-generated reviews and feedback on Twitter, just take their screenshots and upload them on your website. The positioning of the screenshot is completely under your control. Place it wherever you like. But having a dedicated section of customer reviews and feedback from Twitter will be a great idea indeed!

4.                Share And Follow Button

Well, there is one another way of integrating Twitter with your website. You must have definitely come across Twitter share and follow buttons while browsing through Youtube videos or an official website of a brand. These are known as the Social Share and Follow Plugin Buttons. These are easy to install on your website and they let you build your follower base on Twitter smoothly, one at a time. You could place these buttons anywhere you like on your website, be it the header, footer, or the contact page of your website.

Twitter also gives you the functionality to embed these share and follow buttons for your profile on your website. It helps to drive potential traffic to your Twitter profile.  Twitter Publish gives you the functionality to copy the HTML code for the Twitter buttons that can be copied and pasted in the backend of the website where you wish to place these buttons. Clicking on it will allow the users to view your Twitter profile or share it in their own social circles, thereby spreading a good word about your brand.


So, these were some of the most amazing ways of integrating Twitter feeds on your website. Do try the one you like.

Do you know of some other way to integrate your Twitter profile with your website? Please feel free to share those amazing ideas with us in the comment section below.