6 Ways to Enhance Your Email Security

You would be familiar with threats that many of the spam emails may bring with them. More often, than never, these emails have viruses that can affect your desktop or any other device that you are using. You might think that subscribing to services like Spectrum Phone and Internet has made life easy, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Your privacy at stake is just one from the list of many threats that you might face.

6 Ways to Enhance Your Email Security
6 Ways to Enhance Your Email Security

To protect you from the hackers and the malware, this blog post will talk about ways to enhance your email security.

Use Separate Email Accounts 

If you are like any other person, then you probably have the same email address for all your personal interactions. You might be among that group of people who receive Facebook updates on email as well apart from other things. Not only this, but your website registrations and newsletters probably arrive on this email address as well. Basically, this email ID is the hub of all your personal activities. This is the worst approach one can ever adopt when it comes to email related activities. Because if one email ID gets hacked or becomes a target of malware, all your information will get affected. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have separate email accounts for various interactions.

This will not only help to boost your security but also your productivity.

A Unique Password 

In my opinion, there won’t be many people who wouldn’t know about the power of a strong and unique password. Since childhood, we have been warning to opt for unique passwords. This not only means that you should look for a difficult word or a unique one, in that case. But this also implies that you should add special characters, digits and use a combination of upper case and lower case alphabets.

Moreover, you should not use the same password for all your social media or email accounts. That’s the biggest mistake that you will ever make. The uniqueness also implies that every email account should have a separate email address.

NEVER make the mistake of using same passwords for multiple accounts.

Phishing Scams 

You should beware of phishing scams. You might have seen that many websites or email messages will actually warn you not to share your personal information. However, there is a scam called phishing. What happens is that the hackers will imitate some of the high-end websites including Amazon and eBay. They will then tell you that they are facing trouble with your account. Following this, they will ask you to share your username and password so they can fix the issue for you. At times, these hackers will also link you to a fake website that looks nothing different from the original one. 

Beware when anything of this sort happens. Because most of the times, hackers require your personal information. This can affect you badly.

DO NOT Click Links in Emails 

Another thing that you should stay away from is clicking links that are present in an unknown email. Because most of the times these links redirect you to pages that are spam or have viruses. This affects the data in that you have stored on your device. The only time that you should click on links is the time when you are expecting an email like a forum registration link.

You should, in particular, be aware of the spam emails that are trying to sell you a service or product. These emails include links and they ask you to click on them to view the products. But you should always avoid doing so.

Use an Encryption Service 

You should use encryption service in today’s world. It is vital. Because the hackers are smart now and they know of a gazillion ways to break into your email accounts. Therefore, you need to adopt ways that assure that your email account is secure. Encryptions are of multiple kinds as well. However, data-centric encryption seems to be less risky than any other form. Therefore, try to opt for that.

Play Smart 

The final tip for you would be to play it smart. You should keep yourself posted when it comes to various ways of securing yourself against malware, scams, and viruses. Take all the precautionary measures to protect yourself against any major inconvenience.

My advice would be to check with the Spectrum Internet assist and opt for the Internet service that the company offers. Because they also offer malware protection as a part of their Internet service.