How to Make Money Online Without Any Investment

In this new era, everyone finding right ways to earn money. Online jobs are the most popular ways to earning money online. However, it is also a case that everyone wants to earn but some people can’t spend money. Therefore, in this post, I will tell you most legitimate ways to earn money online without paying anything.
How to Make Money Online
How to Make Money Online

Many people are scammed by fake spammy websites. That’s why most of the people are not able to believe that they can earn money online.
Nonetheless, this is not complete true. There are many legit to earn money online by real ways. So, here is the complete list of legitimate websites to earn money.

1.Freelancing on Fiverr

Fiverr is the most popular platform to fulfil your digital needs. Here you can easily start your freelancing career and can make money online easily. Here you can get many jobs such as web development, graphic designing, video editing, writing articles, creating logos, online consultant etc.

Here you can earn real money by doing small task jobs. Many people are already earning thousands of dollars every month on Fiverr. You just need to create an account and then create a gig to offer your services. As someone will order your services. You will get the money in you fiverr account in 15 days. After that, you can easily redeem that money in your personal bank account via Paypal or Payoneer.

2. Make Money Blogging

Blogging is another legit way to make money on internet. Blogging is most profitable and sustainable online business. People can make anywhere from $100 to $100000 by blogging. You can also create a blog for free on allows you to create a free blog to earn money. You can also place Google ads on your blog to make revenue. However, if you can spend few dollars, you should purchase a premium hosting and domain name to start a blog. This way you can become a professional blogger and can make your business model successful.

3. Online Surveys

Online surveys are easy and fast way to make some extra cash. It is not a long term sustainable business. But you can make some extra income by spending free time on these sites.

These PTC Sites provide many small task jobs to earn for every task. You can take online surveys, playing games, watching ads, clicking ads, referring others etc jobs to earn money easily. This is most easy online job for students or part time job finders. Here you can not become rich quickly but you can use your free hours to turn into real cash.

4. Create and Sell Ebooks

Ebooks are best thing to sell online. Writing online is not that much hard as people think about it. If you have keen knowledge about anything or can share valuable thoughts on any subject. You should definitely give it a try. Everyone want to learn and there are lot of people who are interesting in buying and reading ebooks.

You can easily write your eBook in your own way. You can than promote it on social media or internet to increase sales. As soon as you eBook will get noticed. It will give you recurring income on regular basis. This way many people are already earning hundreds and thousands of dollars. This is the fastest method to start your online business without any cost.

5. Create Youtube Channel

YouTube is one of the most famous site in the globe. If you want to supplement your revenue, there are number of different ways to earn money online by using YouTube. Bloggers and other businesses use this website to generate leads for their online business.

You can also earn money on YouTube showing Adsense ads on your videos. This plan is designed for energy users who upload creative videos daily and get a lot of traffic. In order to market your YouTube videos, you must offer video that is ads gracious and complies with YouTube terms and condition. 100 of partners are earning 1000 of dollars each month.

Try to make each video best than the end. Share your videos on Twitter and Facebook And Other Social Platforms.

If you have a blog, you can use YouTube to market your online business. Video promotion is a best way to gain exposure for your company and can send your message to a global audience. Uploading contents about your products and services on YouTube will support you to get real traffic and become an authority in your topic.

Affiliate promoters can use Youtube to their make their own items reviews. If you are marketing a weight loss diet, you can create a big series of video discussing about the advantages of the diet. YouTube permits users to display affiliate links in the description area of their videos. If you make engaging content, people will push on your affiliate links and trip your sales page.

6. Become Virtual Assistant

One of the most important bit of advice for someone who wishes to become a virtual assistant, a job that has several books written on the subject, is to find one niche and focus on that specific topic.

For example VA For Bloggers. You can allow potential customers to know what your specialty is by contacting them directly and telling them what you can do for them, and leave the freelance sites alone. Some other good resources available online including AssistU, which can provide training for virtual assistants who are just getting started. You can also find work at eLance.

7. Transcription Jobs

If you are looking for a quick way to earn some cash by completing an easy job then sign up for an account on Upwork, ODeskwork or You can advertise to entrepreneur forums such as WarriorForum for the services you provide.

You’ll need to be fluent in English and have good hearing to complete the transcription jobs, and it is important that you understand how to properly transcribe interviews before you start.

Lastly, I would say that online earning is not that much easy. All online jobs are not fake but you need to find legitimate once only. Same as other jobs, you need hard work and dedication to earn passive income through online jobs.