Incredible Ways To Integrate Twitter Feeds On Your Website Twitter is trending! Yes, you all must know that. A social media...

Incredible Ways To Integrate Twitter Feeds On Your Website

Twitter is trending! Yes, you all must know that. A social media platform that is just impossible for you to ignore. All the major brands, personalities, celebrities, agencies, governments, institutions, etc. have an active Twitter account which they maintain regularly to keep in touch with their fans and followers.

Incredible Ways To Integrate Twitter Feeds On Your Website
Incredible Ways To Integrate Twitter Feeds On Your Website

Twitter is not just any social media platform for networking purpose. It is the hen that gives golden eggs in many forms. Many marketers have realized this immense significance of Twitter in promoting their brands and growing their businesses to great heights. They have been using Twitter to market their businesses while expanding their horizons of the target audience and hiked sales and revenue for their business.

Not just the platform itself, Twitter is useful beyond that. One such way is by integrating Twitter with your website. You could either embed it or share a snap of your Twitter profile or give a share or follow the link to your Twitter profile on your website. There are many ways of accomplishing the above-stated goal. 

This article aims to discuss all such ways possible through which you could integrate your Twitter profile with your website and reap the benefits of both your Twitter presence and website presence.

Come, let’s get started!

1.    Twitter Embedding Functionality

Twitter is a multi-functional social media platform. It comes with many amazing features that you might not be even aware of until told. One such amazing feature is the Twitter embedding functionality. It enables you to fetch Twitter content and displays it as a part of your website content. 

All you need to do is just go to the tweet you want to embed, right-click on it, and click on the embed Tweet. Another window will open. From there, copy the embed code. Now, open the backend of the webpage where you want to embed the tweet and paste it over there. That’s it! Yes, it is that easy. This way you can easily embed Twitter feed on your website.

You could also embed an entire timeline of your own Twitter profile or a public Twitter profile using this functionality. It is similar to embedding a single tweet on your website. 

2.                Third-Party Tool For Embedding Twitter Wall

One another amazing yet really simple way of integrating Twitter with your website is by embedding a fully customized Twitter Wall on your website using a third-party tool. There are multiple social media tools available in the market that let you create and embed Twitter Walls on your website. 

These Twitter Walls aggregate real-time tweets from the platform using channels like hashtags, handles, mentions, lists, favorites, etc. Twitter Walls comes with amazing features like beautiful customizable themes and layout designs, banners, powerful moderation, robust analytics, custom posts, content play, and so many more. Some Twitter Wall tools even allow you to mix your Instagram and other social media content along with the Twitter-fetched content and display it all together on your website. 

Creating a Twitter Wall is really simple and embedding it on your website is even simpler. All you need to do is create a Twitter Wall by choosing Twitter as your feed sources and specifying the medium of aggregation. Once Twitter Wall is actively created, just generate the embed code from the third-party tool, copy it, and paste it at the backend of the web page where you wish to embed the Twitter Wall. That’s it! You will have a real-time Twitter Feed Wall running on your website.

3.                Share Screenshots Of Twitter Testimonials

This may be termed as the immature way but it is simple and it works. You must very well know how to take screenshots. Well, then you’re sorted. All you need to do is develop your Twitter profile as a page where customers actively leave their feedback and testimonials of their experience with your products and services. 

Once you have collected this wealth of user-generated reviews and feedback on Twitter, just take their screenshots and upload them on your website. The positioning of the screenshot is completely under your control. Place it wherever you like. But having a dedicated section of customer reviews and feedback from Twitter will be a great idea indeed!

4.                Share And Follow Button

Well, there is one another way of integrating Twitter with your website. You must have definitely come across Twitter share and follow buttons while browsing through Youtube videos or an official website of a brand. These are known as the Social Share and Follow Plugin Buttons. These are easy to install on your website and they let you build your follower base on Twitter smoothly, one at a time. You could place these buttons anywhere you like on your website, be it the header, footer, or the contact page of your website.

Twitter also gives you the functionality to embed these share and follow buttons for your profile on your website. It helps to drive potential traffic to your Twitter profile.  Twitter Publish gives you the functionality to copy the HTML code for the Twitter buttons that can be copied and pasted in the backend of the website where you wish to place these buttons. Clicking on it will allow the users to view your Twitter profile or share it in their own social circles, thereby spreading a good word about your brand.


So, these were some of the most amazing ways of integrating Twitter feeds on your website. Do try the one you like.

Do you know of some other way to integrate your Twitter profile with your website? Please feel free to share those amazing ideas with us in the comment section below.

How to choose the right Laptop Laptop Buying Tips The question might pop up in the minds of most of the shoppers. What points should b...

How to choose the right Laptop

Laptop Buying Tips
The question might pop up in the minds of most of the shoppers. What points should be considered in choosing a perfect laptop? As it is your hard earned money. Though, spend it wisely & get fully satisfied with your selection. There are various brands of laptop models. Some of them are latest & some are yet to come with exclusive features. Here we come up with the laptop buying tips. So, let’s move further to know what are those tips which would help you in buying smartly.
How To Choose The Right Laptop In 2019
How To Choose The Right Laptop In 2019

Pick up a Size
Nowadays, laptops are generally available ranging from 13.3 inches to 17.3 inches. Laptops are available in three phases. 13 inches, 15 inches & 17 inches. The 17-inch laptop is considered excellent for gaming purposes but not enough comfy for travel purposes or portable. As 15-inch laptop offers both powerhouses & portability both, weighing 3 kg. Whereas if you are looking for only portability ease, then go for a 13-inch ultra slim laptop weighing 1-1.5kg around.

Screen Resolution
Here, screen resolution meant a lot. Right now 13.1, Dell XPS 13 has more resolution. Generally, the small screen laptop offers high resolutions. But it doesn’t mean it has more space. The great pixel laptop in a small area means the operating system has to scale up everything. 1366*780 pixels is a minimum you find but enough for the smooth function of any regular laptop. A high-resolution laptop along with good size let’s say 15 inches would be far better.

Design factors
Some laptop does take & turns out into various forms. Let’s say a laptop with a screen can fold out onto the keyboards & touchpads. These turning laptops are known as 2 in 1. Microsoft surface book is one such example of the laptops. Although these tablets are good for creative designs & music program purposes. 

After the release of Touchpad, there was a huge craze among the people. But later on the Touchpad theory doesn’t work on the laptop. Tech shoppers were not satisfied with the Touchpad features. Consumers are complaining about the touchpads of laptops. As the Touchpad laptops don’t work with the finger scrolling well. It jumps out to another icon while pressing. The touchpad laptop is awful. So, it’s better to skip Touchscreen laptops.

While choosing a laptop, select the one having 3.0. It is good to have more 3.0 ports. Don’t go for 2.0, as 3.0 is better than 2.0. You can also pick a 3.1 USB port for better data transfer. 

Better Performance
It can be judge through intel core processors. Intel offers the best performance from any other processor. Having three generations i3, i5 & I7. i7 offers the best among these but it is too expensive to purchase.

Memory Card 
SSD card in a laptop, boost up the storage spaces which helps in the fast processing of the laptop. The weight of the sd card doesn’t go to affect the weight of your laptop. But nowadays OEM manufacturing laptops are coming with inbuilt SSD memory. So, go for the SSD inbuilt memory laptop.

So, these are some of the points you need to keep into consideration while purchasing a laptop. Moreover, if you are looking for a discount, on purchase then initiate on Labor Day Laptop Sale 2019.

6 Ways to Enhance Your Email Security You would be familiar with threats that many of the spam emails may bring with them. More often, t...

6 Ways to Enhance Your Email Security

You would be familiar with threats that many of the spam emails may bring with them. More often, than never, these emails have viruses that can affect your desktop or any other device that you are using. You might think that subscribing to services like Spectrum Phone and Internet has made life easy, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Your privacy at stake is just one from the list of many threats that you might face.

6 Ways to Enhance Your Email Security
6 Ways to Enhance Your Email Security

To protect you from the hackers and the malware, this blog post will talk about ways to enhance your email security.

Use Separate Email Accounts 

If you are like any other person, then you probably have the same email address for all your personal interactions. You might be among that group of people who receive Facebook updates on email as well apart from other things. Not only this, but your website registrations and newsletters probably arrive on this email address as well. Basically, this email ID is the hub of all your personal activities. This is the worst approach one can ever adopt when it comes to email related activities. Because if one email ID gets hacked or becomes a target of malware, all your information will get affected. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have separate email accounts for various interactions.

This will not only help to boost your security but also your productivity.

A Unique Password 

In my opinion, there won’t be many people who wouldn’t know about the power of a strong and unique password. Since childhood, we have been warning to opt for unique passwords. This not only means that you should look for a difficult word or a unique one, in that case. But this also implies that you should add special characters, digits and use a combination of upper case and lower case alphabets.

Moreover, you should not use the same password for all your social media or email accounts. That’s the biggest mistake that you will ever make. The uniqueness also implies that every email account should have a separate email address.

NEVER make the mistake of using same passwords for multiple accounts.

Phishing Scams 

You should beware of phishing scams. You might have seen that many websites or email messages will actually warn you not to share your personal information. However, there is a scam called phishing. What happens is that the hackers will imitate some of the high-end websites including Amazon and eBay. They will then tell you that they are facing trouble with your account. Following this, they will ask you to share your username and password so they can fix the issue for you. At times, these hackers will also link you to a fake website that looks nothing different from the original one. 

Beware when anything of this sort happens. Because most of the times, hackers require your personal information. This can affect you badly.

DO NOT Click Links in Emails 

Another thing that you should stay away from is clicking links that are present in an unknown email. Because most of the times these links redirect you to pages that are spam or have viruses. This affects the data in that you have stored on your device. The only time that you should click on links is the time when you are expecting an email like a forum registration link.

You should, in particular, be aware of the spam emails that are trying to sell you a service or product. These emails include links and they ask you to click on them to view the products. But you should always avoid doing so.

Use an Encryption Service 

You should use encryption service in today’s world. It is vital. Because the hackers are smart now and they know of a gazillion ways to break into your email accounts. Therefore, you need to adopt ways that assure that your email account is secure. Encryptions are of multiple kinds as well. However, data-centric encryption seems to be less risky than any other form. Therefore, try to opt for that.

Play Smart 

The final tip for you would be to play it smart. You should keep yourself posted when it comes to various ways of securing yourself against malware, scams, and viruses. Take all the precautionary measures to protect yourself against any major inconvenience.

My advice would be to check with the Spectrum Internet assist and opt for the Internet service that the company offers. Because they also offer malware protection as a part of their Internet service.   

Moto Z3 Review - Complete Information Motorola's definitely trying really hard to stay in the market but the competition that the Mo...

Moto Z3 Review - Complete Information

Motorola's definitely trying really hard to stay in the market but the competition that the Motorola Phones are facing in the market is too strong. The Moto Z3 though a mid-range smartphone, is Motorola's flagship device. The Moto Z3 does lack a lot on paper but there is one feature that could be a game changer for the Moto Z3 and that is its 5G mod.

Moto Z3 Review
Moto Z3 Review

The phone was launched in the market for a price of about $480 and is available with a number of mods. The concept of mods seemed really good a few years ago when the moto Z line up was first released but now people are more inclined to buy a phone that is fast, thin and more appealing to the eye. Here’s our review for the new Moto Z3.

Design and Display 
Motorola's Moto Z3 packs a rather simple design while the side bezels around the screen are really thin the same cannot be said about the top and bottom chin of the device but the thing that is appealing to the eye is the all-glass back which is a big fingerprint magnet. On the right-hand side of the phone are the volume rockers and the fingerprint sensor while alone on the left side is the power button.

The top of the device houses the sim card slot and the secondary microphone while the bottom has the USB Type-C in the center. The back of the device houses the dual camera setup and the pins that are used to connect to the mods are also present at the bottom side of the back. The device is p2i splash resistant but there is no IP certified water-resistant rating on this device meaning that the phone can be damaged if it ever came in contact with water.

The device is also thin with a measurement of about 6.75 mm. You can easily buy this phone online using Mobikwik Add Money Offer with discounted prices. 

Talking about the display of the device, the display on the Moto Z3 is a 6.01 inches Super AMOLED panel with a Full HD+ (2160 x 1080p) resolution and an 18:9 max vision aspect ratio. There is no notch anywhere around the screen, in fact, the top and bottom bezels are actually quite big, and the screen to body ratio of the Moto Z3 is just about 79%. The front of the device is protected with corning gorilla glass 3 but the same isn't mentioned about the back of the device anywhere.

Performance and Interface 
The performance on the Moto Z3 is pretty mediocre, the phone has an octa-core CPU clocked at 2.35 GHz and runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The phone also has an Adreno 540 GPU for gaming and other graphics related actions. The phone comes with a 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB of internal storage there is also an SD card slot available in the phone that can house expandable storage up to 2 TB.

The Moto Z3 runs on Android 8.1 out of the box and can be updated to Android 9 pie, one thing good about the Moto Z3's interface is its simplicity. The phone comes with almost no bloatware except for some inbuilt Motorola applications which are otherwise quite useful. People who like stock android experience but cannot afford a pixel will definitely appreciate a Motorola phone.

The almost stock UI of the moto Z3 does help a bit to its speed and performance while the benchmark scores of the Moto Z3 are pretty far behind when compared to other flagships, the Moto Z3 still won't disappoint you while doing normal day to day work.

Camera and Battery Life 
The camera performance on the Moto Z3 is also just fine, on the back the Moto Z3 houses a dual camera sensor with the primary camera being a 12 MP f/2.0 shooter while the secondary camera is a 12 MP f/2.0 monochrome camera.

Choosing a monochrome camera is kind of odd since most of the Camera setup these days consists of a telephoto or a wide-angle lens as their secondary camera. The rear camera setup has laser autofocus and can shoot 4K videos at 30 fps and 1080p videos at 60 fps.

The Moto Z3 packs a 3,000 mAh Li-Ion battery which will typically get you a day's worth of battery life with medium usage but the small battery is compensated with the fast charge function that is available for this device. The phone comes with a 15W fast charger out of the box that should get you about half a day's battery life in 30 to 40 minutes of charging time.

The Moto Z3 is a really good phone but we feel that the pricing is a bit high for the specifications the phone is offering or vice versa.

The phone has a simple design and can be bought with a 5G mod that costs about $350 and is only available for Verizon users in the US if you are after high-speed 5G internet and live in the area where the 5G Verizon internet is supported we suggest you check out the Moto Z3.

In addition to this if you are looking for technical assistant job then it could be best chance to try it. 

Web Developer, our 6 Tips to sign up for one Web Developer, our 6 Tips to sign up for one Even if networking a website has...

Web Developer, our 6 Tips to sign up for one

Web Developer, our 6 Tips to sign up for one
Web Developer, our 6 Tips to sign up for one

Even if networking a website has become child's play thanks to the innumerable creation software in drag & drop , we cannot fail to recognize the real value of the skills of a Web Developer when we have no time and we want a professional result for the our business. In fact, having a website is totally useless if it is not visible, has no traffic and does not allow an excellent "user experience". So forget the free sites or a few euros!

But who is the Web Developer? This is not the classic "geek" who has learned to put together two internet pages (although many have started like this, at the dawn of the World Wide Web), but of a professional specialized in creating applications that work in a http environment (Hyper Text Transfer protocol), to understand that four-digit acronym that is automatically filled in by the browser when we type the name of the site we want to visit. An excellent website increases the reputation of your brand and your online company so it becomes essential to hire a very well-prepared Web Developer to create the site you need.

This professional figure is divided into two broad categories:

  • The front end developer that creates the look of the site, or web pages using different programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Phyton and so on

  • The back end developer that creates the site architecture, the code databases that represent all the functions that the site will have to have when the user will take any action while browsing.

If you are having difficulty in creating your website or your company's website, contacting a Web Developer is the best choice and it repays the investment by far.

How do I choose the right Web Developer? 6 Tips for finding the ideal freelance
If you have ever found yourself in the position of having to hire someone, you will know that the curriculum does not always give you the confirmation that a particular professional is the one for you. Even if it allows you to discard a priori those people you don't think you're preparing, how do you choose the right freelance between two apparently similar professionals?

Entrusting the job to the wrong person is a problem that many of us have had to find a solution to. We cannot guarantee that they are a guarantee of success, but we also want to provide you with the assessments to be made on each professional in order to increase the chances of finding the right one.

1) Make a selection of the sites you like (and those you don't like)
The first thing to keep in mind is what you want to get from your site (and what you don't want). Take a look at those sites that you like design, graphics and features. Ideally, they should also be those sites that host millions of views with a very large audience: it means that the formula of that site works!

Select the ones you like for their graphics, the ones you prefer for their functions and the ones you prefer because they offer a fun user experience. Do you want a modern site with animations? Or do you prefer a simple and immediate traditional site? Do you think it will have to be updated many times in the years to come? These are all elements that will provide the practitioner with a basis of judgment to know how to create your project.

2) Check the professional's portfolio
Once you have a list of potential Web Developers, check on each of their sites for their portfolio that is all the jobs they have already done in the past, to be able to assess whether the freelance style is the one for you. 

If you don't find the portfolio on the website, don't be afraid to ask the developer directly. With the proofs of their work in hand it will be easier to choose the right one.

3) Ask for references and contact old customers
If the portfolio with the creations shows you what the developer can do, the references will help you understand how you work with that particular freelance. Ask for references from customers who have already worked with him and to show you the work he has done for them. Then contact them to find out if the freelance works well, if he respects the deadlines, if he provides feedback over the time needed to complete the project and if his old customers would trust him again for other projects of the same type.

The references will be your "mouth of truth" exposing those freelancers who may know how to sell very well but whose result leaves much to be desired or by showing you a true professional who will make you sleep soundly.

4) Determine your budget
Defining a realistic budget is one of the most important assessments to make when deciding to delegate the work to a Web Developer. Creating your site can involve an expense that can be paltry, but can also reach several thousand euros, depending on the type of design, number of pages and specific features. It depends on what your requests are and how the professional usually invoices, whether by project or by hours.

Always keep in mind the budget you can spend and ask for general guidelines to every Web Developer you use. The closer your budget is to the professional price range, the better. Otherwise, if the difference is too large and cannot be filled, move on to the next.

5) Make sure you meet the deadlines
When you find freelancers, you spend time talking to them and make sure you list in detail what you want to achieve, any changes you need to make and, above all, the time frame within which the project must be completed.

For larger projects define together with the professional intermediate objectives, indicating what must be done by a certain date to complete phase 1, then the next deadline for phase 2 and so on until the end of the project. This will allow you to have full control over the job even if delegated to an external professional and will avoid misunderstandings that could lead to delays and errors.

6) Make sure you sign a non-disclosure agreement
The world is full of ideas, with ideas one cannot eat and what matters is execution. All intelligent sentences and with a foundation of truth but when we talk about running a project, the most overlooked part is certainly the signing of a non-disclosure agreement with the Web Developer who is not the owner of the idea and who therefore cannot nor share it with third parties or reuse it for future projects.

In conclusion
We have understood very well, which are the salient points to verify when we rely on a freelance Web Developer. As we discussed at the beginning of the article, some people decide to do everything by themselves and rely on preset CMS or drag & drop software. Usually losing only time with low quality results. Who needs a professional site and has no time to waste with updates and changes relies on a professional.

We do not mean that the DIY strategy is wrong, despite this we suggest that you entrust your company to an expert freelance to avoid unpleasant surprises and find yourself having to close your site because it is unstable and malfunctioning. Trust one of our Web Developers and you will understand why we support this!

Author Bio:
Andrew Blen is a graphic designer for 7 years. Andrew is currently working as a typographic expert in Video Production Company In Dubai. He is a self-motivated and hardworking professional presently residing in London. He has worked for many reputable companies gaining a diversified experience of creative designing and illustration.

How to Reach Potential Customers within a Two-Minute Video Best Whiteboard Animation Services Striking your keyboard from days and wo...

How to Reach Potential Customers within a Two-Minute Video

Best Whiteboard Animation Services
Best Whiteboard Animation Services

Striking your keyboard from days and working out to create a precise content that neatly describes your product and services, however, sometimes all you need is not a solid block of content but an explainer video that can spark the interest of the audiences. These are the videos that sits front and centered on your home page and conveys your message with precision.

An explainer video that works 
Not every explainer video you place on your website can promise you a sudden increase in sales since not every explainer video works. You must understand the type of explainer videos that can be taken the most advantage of as per your business requirements. Above all, it’s quite essential to evaluate which type of explainer videos are most appropriate for your business or the level of skills you have while creating an explainer video. There are so many options such as live action, whiteboard, screencast and motion graphics animations. 

For business planning to sell a product, it’s better to be able to show how the product functions. The live action might be the best option; however, showing the product features taking help from the best whiteboard animation services can also work well. If your business is based on software, you can choose to show the software with the screencast.

Why live action works? 
For businesses selling the physical products or services, it’s wise to confirm with the video of real people. Several cellphone brands now shoot with the high resolution that is enough to record a high-end live action explainer. For lighting, natural light is plenty of it. If you are making a self-recorded video make sure you sit next to the window and you can use the sheet of foam to have your other half of the face lightened. If you are creating a live-action indoors then try to avoid fluorescent lighting and ceiling or if you cannot prevent it use foam sheets as reflectors from below.

The clear voice over gives better understanding of the idea 
To record a voice over a quiet room with no distortion is the best place. Have your phone on the flat surface and cover your head and phone and a thick cloth or a blanket so any sound or noises around will be subsidized. With this, you will get a voice over without an echo and a semiprofessional touch. Once you are done with a view over and have your video recorded now put it all together. If you are working with windows, you might have a default software that is a windows movie maker, or if you are using a mac, then iMovie is the appropriate option.

Screencast your videos 
Screen casting is one of the simplest ways to create an explainer video for your software. Fundamentally you run software that records your real-time screen as you make use of it facilitating you to show your original software and how well it’s performing. Several screen recording software facilitates you to record your voice along with the screen recording as well. You can also place on text screen, the most preferred screen recorder is the CamStudio, but if you are using Mac there is the built-in program quick time player.

The animated whiteboard explainers 
The animation is a bit challenging when it comes to creating your own if you have never done it earlier, though it’s among the most popular explainer videos. However, it’s the age of technology, and there are many reliable Best Whiteboard Animation Services that facilitate you as per your business needs.

Different styles of animation make use of simple paper cutouts, and these can be easily made with a small collection of construction papers and an iPhone these videos deliver the ideas in a simple way that produces higher results.

In a nutshell 
The explainer videos greatly vary in intricacies; however, most startups only need to deliver to their target audiences about how their ideas work. Simple explainer videos are not complication and can be created by anyone. If you run into difficulty, there are plenty of tutorials available for everything you might have thought of. If you succeed in designing your explainer video, you can make a lot of time money and energies and for many startup businesses every penny counts.